It’s amazing that dogs can still be loving and loyal despite experiencing neglect and abuse. It’s not rare to see traumatized dogs display sweet and kind behavior. One example of such a dog is Ed, a pit bull mix that was thrown out of a car by a heartless stranger.

Ed spent several months inside an animal shelter before he was fostered by a woman named Kelsey. At first, he didn’t trust the woman and tried to escape her home a few times. It was only after a few weeks that Ed let his guard down around Kelsey.

Once Ed became comfortable around Kelsey, his lively personality started showing. Weeks of bonding became months until Kelsey decided to adopt the dog for good. It’s been years since then, and Ed has remained an energetic and fun-loving dog.

At one point, Kelsey adopted a blind cat named Bruno. Ed was hesitant to approach the cat but slowly learned to trust him. Just like his friendship with Kelsey, Ed took his time before fully accepting Bruno as a friend. Nowadays, the two animals are inseparable.

Considering the dog’s past, it’s understandable why Ed doesn’t immediately trust anyone he meets. However, once he gets to know someone, he will cherish them and be loyal to them. That behavior pattern applies to both humans and animals that become a part of Ed’s life.

If Kelsey learned one lesson from living with Ed, dogs could feel complex emotions too. That’s why she treats him with the same respect given to another person. As a result, the dog is loyal to her and everyone close to her.

As Ed approaches his twilight years, Kelsey worries about the future. She’s sad to see her dog becoming less active, but she knows it’s a natural process. Instead of focusing on what’s to come, Kelsey looks back on all the times she’s been happy with Ed.

Source: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube.


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