Hundreds of puppies are abandoned by their owners each year. And, in most cases, these puppies are abandoned because pet owners don’t want the added responsibility of taking care of another dog.

We also see that the puppies abandoned by their owners have some form of disability, which will make it costlier to take care of them. This is what happened to a bulldog puppy named Buggy.

A man happened to be walking near a dry river bed somewhere in California when he came across a puppy. When he saw the puppy, he knew that it was intentionally abandoned. The puppy couldn’t be a stray because it had deformed legs and that it had difficulty breathing.

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If the puppy wasn’t found, the man who found the puppy knew that it wouldn’t last long out in the wild. The good samaritan who found the tiny puppy brought it to animal control who reached out to rescues around the area. No shelter would take the little puppy until they got in touch with Leslie Bird who happened to be the NorCal Bully Breed Rescue director.

She found out about the bulldog puppy through a message on her organization’s social media page. When she read the message, she didn’t hesitate and rushed to help.

When Leslie met the puppy, she found that it had the will to live. So, she decided to take the puppy and named him Buggy. Leslie’s organization also had funds available to help Buggy. She took Buggy to the vet and found several problems that needed to be treated.

The first problem is that Buggy’s underweight for his age. The vet also found that Buggy had an elongated soft palate, which caused him to have difficulty breathing in addition to a missing nostril. Lastly, Buggy’s front legs had luxating elbows, which made walking difficult.

Despite all of Buggy’s health problems, Leslie saw that he remained active and curious. She saw his will to live, and she knew she couldn’t give up on the tiny puppy.

Although Leslie received a lot of support from people on her social media page, she also had a lot of negative comments. Some even stated that Buggy’s suffering and the best solution would be to euthanize him. Leslie started deleting the negative comments, and she decided that Buggy deserved a second chance.

The vet also agreed that Buggy had a good chance to live happily. So, he performed surgery on Buggy that changed his life. First, his elongated palate was removed to help him breathe normally. Secondly, pins were placed on his elbows to prevent it from rolling, allowing Buggy to walk.

Thanks to organizations like NorCal Bully Breed Rescue and people like Leslie Bird, dogs like Buggy who would typically get euthanized can live a normal life and have a chance of having a family and forever homes. Here’s a video of the heartwarming rescue of Buggy, the bulldog who turned out as one of the sweetest and goofiest dogs out there.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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