Nuka grew up among a tiny crowd of animals of different species. His mom Nicole Yates loves all kinds of animals, and Nuka learned how to deal with his furry, scaly, or feathery siblings of different sizes and looks. Even his vet noticed and praised his remarkable calmness and ability to make others feel comfortable around him. Lately, this has been proven without reasonable doubt as Nuka warmly welcomed another addition to their growing family.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a nearby pet shop asked volunteers to house their animals. Nicole gladly brought home Blue, a tiny white and gray rat. Much to her amusement, there was an instant connection between the big black GSD and the tiny rodent.

Blue is not the first rat in their very inclusive household, but he is clearly the closest to Nuka now. The energetic rat simply adores the charming German Shepherd. Nicole noticed that Blue seemed to have been looking for someone to give him comfort, and the ever-reliable Nuka is very glad to be of help.

Nuka was trained by his mom from an early age how to welcome small animals. Whenever Nicole enters a room carrying a tiny animal, Nuka knows that he would have to lie down quietly. Once Nicole sees that he is relaxed, he will be allowed to play gently with the tinier creature. It always amazes his mom how these little animals never get scared of Nuka despite his relatively enormous size.

As for Blue, he could not be happier than being with his giant furry best friend. His favorite activity is burrowing into the tolerant dog’s cozy furs and taking a nap. Whenever Nicole releases Blue on the floor, the rat would immediately look for Nuka and snuggle into the dog’s thick mane. He seems to be content just being with his new big brother.

Interestingly, Nuka lovingly reciprocates the rat’s affection. He showers Blue with tender doggy licks and makes sure that his tiny brother is not disturbed when he is trustingly asleep snuggled between his feet or into his fur. He also doesn’t mind when Blue uses his huge body as his personal jungle gym. You can watch the adorable video below.

Credits to Nuka


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