Sometimes, it can be quite hard for dogs to actually express what they mean. Since they couldn’t talk hooman and we don’t speak dog, the communication is based on actions and gestures.

Despite that, there’s no translation needed between this adorable baby girl and her grandma’s dog, Lulu. The toddler knew that Lulu gets anxious every time grandma leaves, so she comforted the pup.

This is the reason puppies and babies will always be a hit. They’re just on the same wavelength, and they certainly have the same kind of heart when it comes to dealing with challenges.

This adorable hooman baby may be young, but she knew that her puppy friend needed her. We’re unsure why Lulu had that kind of anxiety, but it looks like everybody in this household knew.

The darling toddler sat down with the pet on the living room floor. She told Lulu that grandma will be back soon, and gave the puppy some much-needed pets and hugs.

Lulu knew that her ward was trying to calm her down, so she stayed put. Still, Lulu wanted grandma because she was her safe person. The pup loved the hooman baby, but grandma was her anchor.

When the pup continued to fret, the baby girl asked the pet if she wanted some donuts. Then she gave the still anxious Lulu hugs to calm her down. Talk about friendship and love!

We’ve got to give praise to this toddler’s parents and this dog’s owners. Such well-mannered, compassionate behavior comes from consistent modeling in the household. Excellent work, you guys!

After a while, the toddler placed Lulu in a pram. She then placed a bandaid on the pup’s head and told her that it will make the pain go away.

These two should be the standard for compassion and care. We appreciate the dose of good vibes you both served, kiddos!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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