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A terrifying moment where birds of prey lunged outside a woman’s balcony in Chile got caught on a video. Gabriela Leonardi was able to capture the video, showing two birds of prey trying to break through the window of her condominium.

Gabriela is mom to three French poodles, whom she described as the love of her life. Gabriela said she never felt anxious and scared before until she saw the two birds of prey appeared in front of her very eyes.

In the footage taken and shared by Gabriela, the two condors landed on the balcony’s penthouse where Gabriela’s apartment was located. Gabriela said that the two birds might have seen the three dogs and might have taken an interest to make the three dogs as their prey. Good thing, Gabriela’s apartment has sturdy windows, enough to block the two birds’ attempts to break into her apartment. But unlike her, Gabriela’s three dogs did not cower in fear. Instead, the three cute French poodles barked profusely at the two birds.

According to Gabriela, the three dogs are naïve of what the two condors could do to them. But she added that after some time, she realized that the two birds are harmless. Gabriela said that the two condors might want to play with the two dogs.

Gabriela, though, is unsure of the possibility, so she did not gamble on it. She tried to shoo away the two condors because she was so scared about the safety of her three dogs. Soon enough, the two condors left peacefully. Gabriela then thought that the two birds might be hungry due to the absence of humans outside. Humans usually give food to these condors, but since there is a community lockdown, humans are forced to stay at home. This, in turn, resulted in the condors not getting enough food.

Credits to Caters Clips.


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