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Nobody expects to see a dog beside a dumpster. But Billie, the dog, was unfortunate enough to find herself in such a predicament.

She wasn’t moving and appeared to be near death. Fortunately, she was rescued and placed in foster care.

Billie was fostered by Aria and Grace, two people who volunteered to take her in. The puppy required special attention during their first night together. They gave her a bath, and they had to pull her head out of the water to avoid it going under.

During this first night, Billie had to be fed with a syringe as well. She was taken to a veterinary clinic the next day and the veterinarian diagnosed her with a tick ailment that had left her nearly immobile.

Billie was given tick treatment by the veterinarian. While she was rehabilitating, the foster parents made sure to always keep an eye on her.

Aria and Grace also exposed her to other dogs once she was strong enough to play outside. Even if she remained motionless on the ground, the other dogs interacted with her.

Billie made steady progress in regaining her motor skills over time. She was soon able to support herself while eating. She gradually regained her capacity to walk until, one day, she was able to walk again on her own.

Billie was shaky as she first took her first steps. Aria and Grace’s family hurried out to the backyard to witness the miracle. It was a great occasion, and the foster parents were overjoyed.

The dog never missed an opportunity to play outside after regaining her power to walk. It was hard to believe that such a cheerful dog had to go through so much. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to suffer any longer.

Billie was eventually adopted by a lovely couple who also had another dog. It’s safe to assume that she has a pretty beautiful life with them. Her foster parents are overjoyed that she is now in good hands.

Source: The Dodo


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