Dogs that have a traumatic past deserve to live a happy life, just like every other dog. That’s why there are certain occasions when you can treat your dog to an excellent adventure outside.

Gracie was a dog found in an abandoned bedroom. It was Reynelle adopted Gracie and gave her a good life. Reynelle recalls meeting the sweet pup and getting take her home on the same day.

Echo, on the other hand, is a rescued cat owned by Connie. The cat grew attached to Gracie when they first met. Out of all the kitten in the litter, it was Gracie that Echo liked the most.

Gracie and Echo are going on a hike together for the first time. Reynelle sees the hike as an excellent opportunity for both pets to try a new experience.

Gracie only recently discovered the fun of sticking her head out the car window. Nowadays, she likes to do it a lot. After a while, they arrive at their destination. They went for a hike at Abraham Lake in Alberta.

The two pets explore the place together with their owners. The fascination is unmistakable when looking at these animal’s faces. Even if Gracie and Echo split during the hike, every time they would meet the energy again remains the same.

Gracie would lick Echo clean. Most of the time, Gracie would also playfully pin the cat down.

Reynelle expressed how much impact Gracie had in her life. Gracie was there with her and no matter what. Reynelle’s dog does everything with her. She says her life would be boring without Gracie by her side.

Despite the ups and downs of life, Gracie and Echo got through it. These pets will most likely continue to bring joy and excitement to their owner’s life.

You can watch the entire experience in the video below. See how cute Gracie and Echo is.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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