John Ventresco who lives in New Hampshire is a proud owner of one of the most talkative Huskies in the entire world. His adorable Husky’s name is Blaze and, mind you, this pooch is smart enough to show and tell how he feels to his owner. In this trending video, you will get to witness how he charmingly refuses to get into his kennel whenever John pleads him to do so.

Blaze doesn’t really despise kennels.  It’s just that he loves having a lot of space around him. But apparently, John always places him in his lonely kennel whenever he needs to leave the house.

This practice makes Blaze a bit frustrated, and because of that, he has formed a funny habit of refusing and screaming. Here’s what’s funny:  the sound he makes is like saying “No” whenever John is about to keep him in the kennel.

The reason why he is being kept in the kennel is actually for his own safety.

This precious video of Blaze and John has definitely gone viral. As you can clearly see, the video starts with John gently patting Blaze’s furry back as if he is giving him a nice rub. Later on, John attempts to lift the dog so he can take him inside the kennel.

But the smart pooch glues himself to the floor and protests to be carried. Notice that he is just like a little boy having a mini tantrum.

John tries several more attempts to carry his pup but Blaze has already mastered the art of staying glued on the floor!  What a funny and clever dog he is, don’t you think?

This viral video of Blaze ignoring his owner’s wish to stay in the kennel has garnered a whopping 20 million views.

Curious if John has successfully moved Blaze to the kennel? Watch how Blaze refuses to cooperate with poorJohn in the video below.

Source: John Ventresco Via YouTube


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