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A group of rescuers learned of a puppy lurking in some bushes near a forest. The rescue crew rushed to the location to check the animal out.

The rescuers’ hearts broke when they saw that the puppy was alone when they arrived. It used to have a sibling and their mother but both have already passed away.

When the rescuers discovered the terrified dog, it was trembling. The small dog was unsure of what to do or where to go, so he hid in the bushes.

The rescuers were worried that the dog was also ill. It may be infected with the same illness that his family experienced.

The rescuers secured him and rushed him to the veterinarian. There, he obtained the appropriate medical care for his condition.

The dog had to recuperate at the veterinarian’s office for many days. When he had recovered enough, he was transported to the shelter. There, he was okay and content – until he became ill again.

The puppy was once more ill, so the rescuers rushed him to the animal hospital to get medical help. He received another round of medications.

Unfortunately, that was not the first time the rescuers brought the dog to the clinic for an emergency. They frequently visited the hospital as the dog became ill again and again.

The rescuers never gave up and did everything they could to save him. They also did not rest until he was healthy enough for adoption. It wasn’t long before the puppy was nursed back to health.

Several months later, the fortunate dog was adopted by a loving family. His rescuers were ecstatic that he has finally found a home. After spending months in and out of the hospital, the dog is finally healthy and content, and is now living with a loving family.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue


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