Going on vacation may seem exciting and fun, but you may worry a lot if you have to leave someone extraordinary at home. Garrett Johnson’s parents are off for a week-long cruise vacation. They told him to take care of the family dog, Oscar. They are a bit worried because it is their first time to be away from their special little one for a long time.

Upon leaving the house, Garrett’s mom told him to be responsible for the home and their dog. Things get pretty exciting as Garrett’s parents exit the house, and the door closes.

Garrett made a video to update his parents on what he and Oscar do most of the time. They are having a lot of fun and quality time together.

In the video, Garrett and Oscar do silly stuff as if filming a movie or a commercial. Oscar was a natural actor, always on the beat with Garrett’s ideas. A video intended as an update was a domestic comedy that brought laughter to Garrett’s mom and the whole world.

Garrett’s mom can’t take it and laugh so hard to the point of crying. But we can’t blame her because the video was hilariously good and creatively made.

The video has more than 67.6k views on Twitter, and netizens re-tweeted it 877 times. It brought so much positive energy to the internet, and everyone talks about it.

For Garrett and Oscar, while they wait for their parents to come home, they hang out and chill. What a great way to relax and have fun at the same time.

Video Soure: The Dodo via Twitter


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