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Stealing is against the law, and the police can penalize the robbers once caught. But will the rule apply to a cute-looking Labrador and Cocker Spaniel?

Dog owners Ross and Anna Paget spotted their dog wanting to take a piece of the fried potato chips that the couple ordered for dinner at a local diner in Edinburgh.

Ross posted a video of his dog Rab on his Twitter account with the caption, “He thinks we cannot see him.” The footage earned four million watch views, and the owners were left in extreme disbelief.
Twitter users who watched the video found it cute and commented that Rab could only get one piece of the fry.







Indeed, if that were any human, he would munch up all the fries and won’t leave anything for others to eat. It looks like Rab wanted some more, though.
It’s hilarious to see dogs try to snatch up whatever humans have. They think that we don’t see them at all, but we do.
Dog owners like Anna and Ross even delight in sharing their encounters on social media. Although it’s always an unintentional post that seemingly blew up, it shows how much people love dogs!
We bet that other dogs do this to their owners, too. If not, it’s even worse, like messing up their owner’s gadgets or eating ALL their food.
In this video, Rab showed how adorable and friendly dogs can be. And yes, even if they’re hungry and stealing food from your table.
Of course, you should always be alert about what your dog’s dog is eating. Some human foods aren’t for dogs to consume. Thankfully, the fried potato chips Rab got were safe to eat!

Video Source: Ross via YouTube


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