A non-profit animal rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog came across a stray dog named Remy when they stayed in a town in Romania to run a spay-neuter campaign. They noticed him because the dog also found a way to be spotted. They found his way to be appealing, though.
Remy went their way and started swaying his tail to catch their attention. What the team noticed first was the mark on his nose. As per them, the burn transpired because of a belief that if a dog’s nose got burned through a hot iron, it would improve his immune system and make his distemper disappear. That made them think his former owner might have done that to him.
Dogs served as guards or protection tools in Romania, so the team wondered why Remy’s family dumped him off when he could have been of help. Because of that cruel act, he became a homeless dog. He wandered around the village and slept outside the small grocery store that became his spot every night. It was good that the shopkeeper there was kind enough to give him food daily.
Howl Of A Dog sought a family willing to adopt Remy. However, despite his good characteristics, the team needed help searching for one. Every time the rescue team was in town, they pitied him because the dog never failed to greet them as if he was waiting for an update about his adoption. They fostered him instead since they could not bear seeing him in the same spot.
Remy had a wonderful time at the shelter until he finally got adopted by a loving family from North Carolina. It might have taken him long to find a permanent home, but plenty of time was left for him to experience receiving love and care.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube


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