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An owner is on medication, and his faithful dog spends her time patiently waiting outside the hospital in Northern Turkey.
A pup named Boncuk (pronounced as Bon-Djuk) means a small glass or stone. Boncuk runs after the ambulance that brought her owner, Cemal Sunturk, to the hospital in the Black Sea City of Trabzon on Jan 14. After that situation, she visited her owner every day and waited for her to recover fully.

However, Senturk stated that his daughter Aynur, Egeli, tried to carry and take Boncuk home, but the pup instantly ran off and returned to the hospital’s facilities. He’s willing to wait and see her owner get discharged.

Regarding Muhammet Akdeniz, a hospital guard verbalized that the pup would come early, around 9 am, and patiently wait until the sun went down.

Boncuk was so alert and excited she was even poking her head inside the door whenever there was a person who was about to come out and hoped that it was her owner.

Finally, Boncuk and her owner saw each other again. The pups devotedly waited outside the facilities while Senturk came out sitting comfortably with a wheelchair while someone and someone was helping him. The owner decided to go outside and meet the adorable pups on Wednesday, even briefly.
Most of the time, the owners and the dogs used to be with each other. They badly missed each other. They are inseparable; even distance can’t separate them.
As time passed by, Senturk went fine and was finally discharged. He leaves the hospital together with his faithful dog, Boncuk. They look so happy, adorable, and darling.
Here’s a great video that shows how faithful Boncuk is.

Video credit The Sun


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