Kirstin Kapp’s heart filled with worry for three weeks after her dog Liddie went missing. The disappearance of her pet devastated Kirstin.

She posted her frustration over the disappearance of her beloved dog, saying that she doesn’t know how to cope. She stated that a part of her is gone, and she can do nothing about it. She continued the post by saying she loved her sweet girl so much. She ended the post, begging her dog to come home.
Not only did Kirstin’s heartbreak after Liddie’s disappearance, but Liddie’s, too. Thankfully, their hearts wouldn’t be left by time in that state for a lifetime.

The place where Liddie spent her weeks missing was still unclear, but after 21 days since her family last saw her, a couple that happened to know that the Kapp family was her owner found Liddie. The vet clinic where Kapp works was where the couple was tracked down. The coupe’s good ended the worrisome weeks that Kapp had dealt with for a long time. Finally, she’s again blessed with her beloved dog’s presence.
Tears leaked from Kapp’s eyes as Liddie jumped into her arms. Liddie cried through the joy of being back to where she belongs.

Watch the emotionally touching video:


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Finding their way back into each other’s loving arms couldn’t cause any more thrill for Liddie and Kapp.
It’s a blessing to both of them and all the witnesses; it is such a unique and heartwarming reunion. Though Liddie and other dogs may not be able to express their love, care, and affection, Kapp’s touching videos contributed to the truth that there’s no translation needed in the language of love.

Image and videos sources:  Kirstin Kapp via Facebook and TikTok.


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