Flossie, a senior terrier from Devon, England, suffered an arduous journey after falling into a rabbit hole and trapped for 56 hours.
The unlucky canine disappeared on April 25th, 2022, without her family’s knowledge. The family eventually realized their beloved pet fell into one of the rabbit holes, which was a huge problem since there were hundreds of these rabbit holes in the area.

Rescuers who came to help locate Flossie brought along tracking dogs, set up covert cameras, and spent hours looking into every rabbit hole. However, even after hours of searching, no one could find the dog.

It took more than two days before the rescuers located Flossy’s exact location. One of the owners, Poppy Vernon, captured Flossie’s rescue and posted the video on TikTok.
The video shows one of the rescuers digging a reasonably deep hole to help retrieve Flossie. Voices called out to Flossie as the rescuer dug at the hole’s sides. Eventually, Flossie’s small head became visible, and after a couple more digging, the rescuer managed to pull out the tiny dog from the spot.
In a separate TikTok video, Poppy updates her followers on Flossie. She believed that her dog saw one of the rabbit holes, went into it, and dug her path underground. She may have blocked her exit because of the digging.

She’s also concerned that Flossie has become a bit reserved after the incident. She also lost a lot of weight, but overall, she and her family are happy to have her dog back.

Poppy’s most significant takeaway from the incident is that she would closely monitor Flossie whenever she goes outside and that she will be spoiled with hugs and kisses, knowing that their beloved pet is back.

Watch Flossie’s suspenseful rescue video here:

Source: SWNS via YouTube


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