Many dogs are abandoned, especially newborns who grow up homeless, because it is difficult to maintain health and net costs if they get sick.

However, the story of Olive is no different from people experiencing homelessness, people without housing, and the outwardly happy and suffering from many illnesses alone and weak.

A Cocker Spaniel was found wandering around with a severe Cataract issue that caused him not to see his destination correctly because the cataract affected his vision.

Olive is very confident that even though she has been struggling for at least three years in the dark due to the lack of a caregiver to go to her and get proper medical attention, she is easy to treat.

After they met on the street, Holly Emmerson and Bar crossed over, which she shared with the puppy, whom they later named Olive.

After Holly and Bart get the medicine for Olive, they immediately decide to take home their decision to adopt Olive. After the olive operation, the couple described it as a lovely moment to witness and the most beautiful thing ever.
Olive’s trials and tribulations are over; she lives peacefully and happily with the new things she is experiencing.

flatcoated retriever, dog, animal

Together with Holly and Bart, they are currently living in Spain.

Emmerson seems to have been hurt as well as they are, as their following YouTube Video content says.

All the wonders of the world that Olive has experienced are alive in his memories, even if it is only for a short time. He is still loved and will live happily ever after.

Video Source: via YouTube


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