Christmas was just three months ago. Three months was such a far stretch from where we are right now.
The new year might have come already, but it doesn’t mean that so many things have started to change for everyone. Not for this dog.
His whole life changed in those three months. How?
Quite sometime after Christmas, a viral video of this dog abandoned by his owners sparked people’s rage on the Internet.

In the said CCTV footage released by the RSPCA, a merciless owner dumped a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a neighborhood street.
The owners, however, were more than considerate (hear the sarcasm) to dump his dog bed with him. The dog’s owners didn’t want some random dog bed lying all over their home.
Even though the dog lost his owners, he gained millions of followers and supporters. He also got a new name after the video went viral. The dog’s name is now Snoop, thanks to the netizens’ generosity, but several efforts are also made to ensure he gets a new home.
Snoop’Snoop’s heartbreaking story reached all sides of the globe. Many people desired to adopt him, but only one stood out. Laurence Squire opened the doors of his home to Snoop.
Laurence, in an interview, shared that he had a Staffie, too, which died last November. He wanted to find another Staffie to care for, which was also when the owners abandoned Snoop.

Although their meeting came from a heartbreaking scenario, from the death of Laurence’s dog and Snoop’Snoop’s owners abandoning him, they finally seemed to find the love and care they deserved.
We send our love over to these two.


Video Source: Daily Mail via YouTube







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