Who says dog owners are the ones who can get hugs from dogs? Not the dog here in this video.
Neighbors who initially called the police took the footage and uploaded it on social media. The neighbors heard the dog crying nonstop, so they had to check.
They found out that the dog tried to untangle himself from the canopy. However, his efforts led to no avail. It caused distress to the dog, and he could cry loudly enough to let people know.
Unfortunately, the dog was left alone in the yard. Neighbors couldn’t get in the house as it could be trespassing, so they called in the police.
The police station in Chile prepared for the emergency call, but they had to respond.

Upon arrival, the police tried to free the dog by untangling the connection. It took the cops quite some time to figure things out. The video showed how anxious the dog was to get out finally. In the short footage, you can see on the video how the cop was a bit wary of the dog’s movements. No one can blame the police since the dog might have aggressive tendencies. Also, the dog might think that the cop wasn’t helping him.
This all changed, however, when the dog was finally set free. The first thing the dog did was to hug the cop. The dog couldn’t speak, but his hug meant a thousand words of gratitude to the police.
Dogs, when in distress, can cry for help, but it’s not every time that they know enough to thank the one who saved them. Nevertheless, it’s a heartwarming sight for our furry friends to speak to us even without words.

We would like to thank WPXI news for this.



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