Linda Hale became a full-time doggie foster mom after moving to Asheville in 2012. She grew up loving animals and watching Disney movies like “101 Dalmatians” and “Lady and the Tramp.” She understands the ordeal of an animal in a pound or in public animal shelters where abuse and euthanasia sometimes take place.
The truth is that shelters would euthanize healthy animals. They probably weren’t supposed to but were mandated to do so because they cannot humanely provide shelter and support all these animals until their natural deaths. Due to this reason, Linda realizes what she can afford to give to those helpless animals.
She started helping by fostering puppies or kittens through her daughter’s local rescue group in Asheville and, later on, fosters regularly. As a dog fosterer, the job is to take them in to be part of the household. The fosters became part of the pack until they found a new forever family.

Temporarily taking a homeless animal into your home means freeing up space in the shelter so they can bring in or rescue another. It’s making them feel loved and getting them ready for adoption. It involves dedication, hard work, and compassion. Stepping up and giving them a safe place to stay while extending love, care, and attention is what foster’s heroic and fulfilling role is.

The fun part of being a doggie foster mom is that you can play and cuddle, teaching them that humans can be trusted and loved. Also, giving them the best chance to meet their potential forever family is the most heartwarming experience that one can have. Seeing them find their forever home and live happy lives is emotionally rewarding.
And yet, the worst part is letting go after falling in love with them. Anyhow, fostering is an advantageous and enjoyable thing to do. Of course, responsibilities are involved, but it is a life-saving act of kindness to those animals in need.

Photo credits from Carolina Spark Magazine.


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