Prithviraj Padater, a pet owner with four to five dogs, recently held a ‘Seemanta Karya’ or ‘Baby Shower Ceremony’ for his female Labrador, Lucy, whom he considers his child. Prithviraj fell in love with Lucy when he first saw her as a puppy in a friend’s house and immediately brought her home.

According to Prithviraj, his father had organized a ‘Seemanta Karya’ for his pet dog when he was younger. When Lucy became pregnant a month ago, this memory inspired Prithviraj to organize the ceremony for her. It was a surprise for their family and friends, and they never expected it to gain media attention.

Prithviraj and his family live in the small village of Saunshi in Karnataka, about 400 km from the tech hub Bengaluru. ‘Seemanta Karya’ is typically performed for pregnant women, but the family decided to perform it for their pregnant dog.

During the ceremony, they dressed Lucy in traditional attire such as sarees, bangles, and necklaces. After the rituals, they organized a feast for their family and neighbors, who dropped in to celebrate with them.

Prithviraj only took a few pictures of the event and regretted not capturing it on video, as he never expected it to attract media attention. He initially posted photos of the ceremony on his WhatsApp status, but one of his friends who worked at a local cable channel showed it on TV, which caught the media’s attention.

Throwing a ‘Baby Shower’ for a pet is undeniably cute and heartwarming.

Images Source: Prithviraj Padater via WhatsApp status.


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