A dog named Indy was abandoned near a Northern Romanian mountain pass hotel. She was struggling with the cold brought on by the low temperature. According to witnesses, she would only feel some relief when the sun was out. Otherwise, she had to sleep on a pile of snow.

The hotel owner drove Indy away because he feared she would scare the tourists. He even forbade his employees from giving the dog any treats. Luckily, a tourist staying at the hotel noticed the dog and immediately contacted Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit animal rescue organization.

The kind tourist took great care of Indy and ensured she was okay. He gave her daily treats and even bought a crate with warm blankets to protect her from the cold weather. Though he wanted to take her with him, he couldn’t afford to care for another dog. He promised to stay at the hotel for as long as Indy was there.

The tourist found a way to save the dog by driving her to Howl Of A Dog’s shelter. He was determined to rescue Indy before the end of his vacation, even if it meant sacrificing the remaining days of his tour. He successfully brought Indy to the care of Howl Of A Dog, where she had her first warm sleep in a long time. She stayed there until she found a loving home and family in the United States.

Watch the heartwarming rescue of Indy below.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube


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