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As soon as this Chocolate Labrador Retriever entered and joined her new family’s lives, they treated him as a member of the family, not only a pet. Alex, one of the owners of the dog, said that her parents had always treated Ollie as if he were their own child, and she and her sister often joke that Ollie was their parents’ favorite child.

Alex recounted that her family adopted Ollie when her sister had to leave for college. And because of that, the dog became her parents’ new child. She also stated that Ollie is such a favorite that they book dog-friendly vacations every year so they can bring him with them.

Alex revealed that her peers often made fun of her because she and her family were so infatuated with Ollie. The passion of Alex and her loved ones became more apparent when Alex graduated from college last year.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Alex’s graduation ceremony was canceled, but that did not prevent her family from celebrating the occasion at home. The party went above and beyond what was expected since Ollie was there to celebrate with everyone.

Shortly after Alex and her sister had taken their graduation photos, they noticed that their four-legged sibling did not have a photo of his own. Alex’s family knew they could never exclude their dog, so they opted to take his picture as well.

Alex revealed that she and her family had always known that Ollie was an expert at being a good dog, so they decided to make it official by designing a dog diploma for their beloved dog sibling. Everyone watched Ollie during his photo session, and they could not have been more pleased with Ollie’s priceless reaction.

The end product was a really beautiful photo of Ollie. Congratulations, Ollie! And great job, fam! Nobody would have thought of doing this.


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