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The majority of cartoons depict dogs and cats always fighting. One of them must be the bully, while the other must be the victim. Thankfully, this is not always the case with the two creatures in real life. And an online video shows that cats and dogs might get along quite well.

One chilly night, an orphaned kitten named Harpurr was discovered by itself in a backyard. The kitten was barely three weeks old at that time and had nowhere else to seek refuge from the harsh temperature. According to some rescuers who first saw him, he may have been born with a disability.

Fortunately, animals like Harpurr are thankful to a woman named Shannon R. Basner, who formed a local rescue organization in Anchorage called Alaska’s KAAAT’s, which is a rescue and advocacy organization. Shannon, who shares her house with several rescued dogs and cats, felt strongly that Harpurr required a new foster mother.

Shannon’s Alaskan Husky, Cinder, could easily pass as a foster mom for Harpurr but it looked like she was a better surrogate parent for the kitten.

A long time ago, Cinder had given birth to a brood of puppies. Shannon believes Cinder missed being a mother, which is likely why the fluffy dog always exhibited maternal affection when a newborn was present.

When Cinder and Harpurr first met, they formed a strong friendship. The kitten would curl up and purr while the husky groomed the fur of the tiny cat. They would share meals and sleep. As evidenced by the video, they truly treated one another as family.

Now that Harpurr has matured into a self-assured cat, he has been given his own set of wheels, allowing him to roam about independently. Even though Harpurr is independent, his affection and love for Cinder have grown since he began to consider her his mother.

Source: Love Meow


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