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When Rosalie was born, the veterinarians sensed something was amiss. The puppy was born in a veterinary hospital and was diagnosed with a rare illness that would permanently limit her mobility.

Rosalie has hypoplasia of the cerebellum. A diagnosis of her condition soon showed that she has an undeveloped cerebellum, the region of the brain that controls movement.

When Rosalie was younger, she would spontaneously flip over in the middle of doing a movement. The little puppy was also unable to stand and rather lie on her side or back. Those who had observed her soon realized that there was something wrong with the animal.

Despite all the obstacles that Rosalie was facing and dealing with, Sasha, a clinic staff, has cared for Rosalie since her birth. Aside from her mobility issues, Rosalie has no other flaws. She also showed that she is an intelligent puppy.

Sasha began developing devices to assist Rosalie in coordinating her motions. Even though this was Sasha’s first time interacting with a dog that had such a condition, she did her best. On the recommendation of the veterinarian, she began teaching Rosalie muscle memory.

Rosalie’s acquisition of her first pair of wheels marked the most crucial turning moment in her life. Initially, she was unaware of what was occurring. But soon enough, Rosalie eventually became accustomed to the training wheels and began to ride without them.

Rosalie can now go outside and sniff as a normal dog would. Her perseverance is also admirable. Rosalie, unlike when she was a puppy, can now sit up.

Sasha finds inspiration in Rosalie. The veterinarian’s employee claims that rearing Rosalie has taught her a great deal. Generally speaking, Sasha learned to be patient. She learned the importance of never giving up and having an optimistic disposition. Rosalie is a truly exceptional dog.

Source: The Dodo


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