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Some dogs have dramatic personalities characterized by frequent outbursts and whining. However, some dog owners may not mind if their canines exhibit such characteristics. Certain individuals consider theatrical dogs to be incredibly adorable, and we can totally relate!

Jackson is a humorous and eccentric husky with charming features. Scott, Jackson’s owner, inherited the dog from his deceased father. The dog was supposed to work on a farm, but Scott elected to keep it as a pet.

Prior to having Jackson, Scott had never lived with a dog before. Despite this, he and his wife determined that getting a husky was a good choice. The dog has brought so much amusement thus far, proving to them that their choice was definitely the right one.

Jackson spends more time with Scott’s wife, but the dog gravitates more toward Scott. He was unable to fathom the dog’s peculiar choice. Regardless, he engages in numerous amusing activities with the dog.

Scott enjoys seeing Jackson’s amusing behaviors. For instance, the husky enjoys resting his hind legs on the sofa while his front legs dangle off of it. Additionally, he enjoys pawing at the carpet for no apparent reason.

The husky’s affinity for ice is a further peculiarity. At one time, Jackson was in a wading pool, and Scott threw massive quantities of ice into it. The husky continued to lie down and roll around on the ice while simultaneously gnawing on it.

Additionally, Jackson got fond of the couple’s second female dog. He frequently consumed her leftovers and continually cuddled with her. The dog passed away from old age, and the husky misses her deeply.

Scott did a commendable job of being a patient and considerate owner despite his reluctance to acquire a dog. He never regretted retaining Jackson. The dog had significantly improved his life.

Source: GeoBeats Animals


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