A Corgi is a breed of dogs known for being a tad bit chubby and very cute. They have big round eyes, usually black in color, and they come with bat-like ears that are too adorable for words.

This puppy named Gizmo certainly embodies all the traits I’ve mentioned above, and in this short clip uploaded by his owner, he displays his innate athleticism.

The video starts with Gizmo’s owner throwing a ball up in the air, and immediately, the little corgi jumps up after it.

His movements are lightning-fast, and his petite body makes it look like he can float above the ground.

Athletic pet

After making short work of catching the ball (which was actually pretty difficult), he quickly looks at his master for further instructions.

Gizmo’s alert form and wise eyes tell of his intelligence, and with a powerful blend of looks and wit, this boy’s going places.

Fluffy boi

As if his quick movements weren’t already incredible, he then takes it up a notch by catching the ball in mid-air.

The dog has really outdone himself here, and with the amazing athleticism displayed in this clip, he’s got it all.

This fur baby may be small, but he’s got game. Gizmo’s owner should be proud to have such a good and athletic boy.

You can see why people love him so much in this precious clip, which has been viewed thousands of times since its upload.

This pet’s doing everything right, and his patient and watchful stance after every command endeared him to his audience even more.

He’s the perfect pet, with looks that are just too good for this world. Gizmo may be a little guy, but he’s got talent in spades, and hopefully, this corgi will go on to make his owner very proud!

Credits to Carl and Gizmo and the Corgis via YouTube


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