Can you actually recall the very first time you brought home a furry puppy? How curious and adventurous it was when it first set foot in your lovely home – a whole new world which they have never been to before? Seeing them acquainting themselves to a whole new place definitely made us amused and entertained easily.

That’s because puppies are naturally born to be playful and curious.  If you browse the internet, you can land on various videos that show just how irresistible puppies can be when they are exploring every single thing surrounding them. Among all the cute videos you can watch online, there is this one particular video dedicated to a precious pup’s exploration of his new forever home.

Like many mini canines who have been adopted, little Boomer has had his fair share of familiarizing himself with his new surroundings.

For him, this came with endless possibilities of getting used to new faces, sounds, smells, and beautiful sights that his new forever home could offer. We, viewers, are very fortunate that his beloved owner has shared all the memorable clips he has captured of Boomer and has collated it into one video.

The video starts with little Boomer’s first day in his new home where he smells and howls at almost everything he finds and does. You can see him curiously playing with a ball, the garden hose with water, going up and down the flight of stairs, and enjoying a slow ride on a boat.

But that’s not all that Boomer tries out. He also manages to have a stroll on the beach as well!

Living in a new place must have felt like an adventurous kid living in a playground where they can run around and discover new toys that they will surely get fond of. Up until this very day, it is no wonder that the pooch still gets fascinated over anything he can get his paws on.

Watch Boomer’s adorable video below and see how heartwarming it really is to let a new pup be part of the family.

Source: Fashion Foie Gras via Youtube


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