All dogs love to get their heads rubbed, and it looks like this adorable corgi is no exception.

Corgis look pretty happy all the time, but we think they might be even happier when their owner gives them a good old head scratch.

Think about how you feel when you’re being massaged at the spa, and you’ll get how dogs feel with body rubs.

This female puppy’s name is Corcor. She loves receiving some love from her owners in whatever form.

Corcor the corgi is very pleased with her owner’s choice of affection. Being held and rubbed like that chases all the aches, pains, and worries away.

We think that Corcor was hoping for some extra attention from her human, who had been sitting on the couch reading a book.

Fluffy pill

So this pup did what any of us would do if we wanted to get our massage on — she hopped to her owner and gave a huge smile.

Corcor’s eyes said it all, and pretty soon, her master began to give her head scratches. It must have felt so good because the puppy closed her eyes in relief and relaxation.

Watching a dog get a head massage is nothing short of adorable. It seems like Corcor’s already an expert at asking for some love from her owner.

By placing herself right under her hands, this doggo knew she’d get what she wanted.

It’s safe to say that Corcor the corgi probably feels better now after all that good petting and attention from her human. What a lucky and privileged pet this little perky-eared rascal is!

We’d really like to take Corcor home with us. Her inner zen is almost too much to bear.

We just love this pic of the Corgi, all happy and content with getting her massage. Enjoy your body rubs, doggo!

Credits to Corcorcorgi & Family via YouTube


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