There’s just something about crawling babies that is irresistibly fascinating. We, humans, tend to be so proud when witnessing a baby crawling for the first time, don’t we? But did you know that our pet canines can be just as proud as us, too?

The attempt to crawl can actually start between six to twelve months old. It also allows babies a bit more freedom to roam around by themselves. Aside from helping to strengthen a baby’s muscles, crawling is something good to witness because it’s pretty cute and entertaining to watch too.

For the baby girl in this cute video, crawling is a whole new type of independence for her. She’s still in the discovery stage of how it all works. Fortunately, her loyal four-footer best buddy who happens to be a Labrador is right there with her.

The Labrador is just full of positivity! You can tell that she is compassionate and well-trained inside a loving home ever since she was a  tiny puppy. No wonder this pooch is a living embodiment of a perfect family dog which transcends with how she treats the baby girl.

The video starts with the baby girl lying on her tummy. She seems joyful to see the Labrador close by. But there’s another thing that’s making her ecstatic.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that she is starting to crawl. Whenever she does lift herself up, doing so makes her even more determined to practice crawling.

Now that this little girl is learning how to move to places, she can now make her way right across the floor to reach her furry buddy. Once you look at the loving Labrador, you can sense that she couldn’t be more proud of the baby girl.

The precious little girl tries to crawl all the way to the Labrador. When she’s finally near, the furry pooch gives out a gentle smooch in return for her determination and efforts. Aren’t they both the sweetest?

Watch the pair’s cute interactions in the adorable video below.

Source: Swift Family via Youtube


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