Everyone knows how helpful dogs are, especially with their fur parents. Once our canine pals ascertain that someone they love needs their aid, they’ll find a way to assist them.

Thus, one doting canine quickly removes all the rugs on the floor the moment its grandmother arrives from the hospital. It seems the dog’s fur parents need not tell the puppy to adjust and make the older woman’s life more comfortable.

Welcome home, Granny!

In this heartwarming footage, one can initially see a tiled floor laden with rugs. At first glance, you’ll think this video’s about the different kinds of carpets you can use to liven a room’s ambiance.

A few seconds later, one can hear a bark from the far corner of the house. Though one cannot see where the dog is, it seems the canine merely responded to a flurry of voices it heard outside.

Soon enough, the camera shifts to show a group of people entering the door, with one of them sitting in a wheelchair. After this, the camera shifts its focus on a dog standing on one of the rugs.

I got to tuck these away first.

At first, it seems the dog’s merely playing with the rug. Then, without warning, the pooch uses its snout to grab hold of the carpet and drag it across the corridor.

While the dog scurries to stow the rug away, the canine’s grandma finally enters the house in her wheelchair. And, even before grandma fully enters her abode, the tiny dog once again hurries to drag the second rug on the floor.

By the looks of it, the dog’s removing all the rugs so its newly-amputated grandmother won’t need to hitch the wheelchair before passing through. Thus, if you want to see this helpful pooch in live-action, click on the play button.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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