Mo and Cricket are a cat and dog pair who are next-door neighbors. The Seattle, Washington feline and canine are best friends and can’t get enough of each other. As soon as Mo the cat sees Cricket, he’s out the door in a flash to meet up with his best mate.

Like two kids, when Mo and Cricket get together, they run around, jump, and chase each other everywhere. The friendship started when Cricket’s owner, Corinna, would take the dog out for his walk. Mo, the cat, would prance around from one yard to another, trying to get the dog’s attention. One day, Cricket’s owner opened their front door, and there was Mo, waiting for the dog.

Mo’s owner, Doree, says that the cat will sit behind the gate of their house, waiting for his best dog friend. She said her cat would sit and wait for as long as an hour for Cricket to come out and play.

Wherever the mischievous cat goes, the Sheepadoodle follows. Mo knows this, so he will sit back and watch as the dog runs circles around him. Too funny! Check out a cute video of Mo and Cricket together here:

The first thing Mo does when he visits the dog is he walks over to Cricket’s dog food bowl and starts eating. After eating some tasty dog food, the dynamic duo ends up in the backyard playing together.

Doree comments that everyone relates to Cricket and Mo. They are different in so many ways, but they get along great. They prove you can get along with someone different than you are.

The dog and cat have become such a popular pair; they now have their own Instagram! Fans of Cricket and Mo have begged them to stay next-door neighbors forever. They are cutest cat and dog pals we’ve seen!

Credits: The Dodo YouTube


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