George is a 135 lb. French Mastiff who is described by his owner as a gentle giant. The caring dog loves to take care of all kinds of animals. In this adorable video, George is shown bonding and caring for the family’s new piglet.

When George’s owner, Lindsay, brought the new pig home, she said it was very tiny. The pink potbelly pig, named Debbie, was scared at first, but in less than 30 minutes, the French Mastiff had warmed up to the little pig. Lindsay said George didn’t see her as different than himself; he was just happy to have a baby to look after.

The friendly dog assumed parental responsibilities with Debbie, making sure the piglet was clean and comfortable. When the family would take George and Debbie out walking, the pig would often run away. George would keep a close eye on Debbie and make sure always to find her.

As the pink pig continued to grow, she became very close to the French Mastiff. Lindsay commented that although Debbie and George are very close, the pig does not understand boundaries. In a funny moment of this video clip, Debbie attempts to climb onto George’s back. She doesn’t quite make it, but she gives it a good try! Check out Debbie and George below:

Lindsay said Debbie and George they have very similar personalities. Besides both being gentle, the pig and the dog both love to sleep all day. The pig even started to mimic a dog’s barking whenever George would start to bark.

We’ve since learned that recently, Debbie passed away. The family has since adopted a duck and a chicken. George cares for them in the same way he cared for Debbie. On the family’s Instagram page, it says they provide a loving home for all animals in need.

Credits: The Dodo YouTube and Lindsay Instagram


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