The military often uses dogs for a variety of roles. With their keen sense of smell and hearing, they are excellent in tracking people and even smell explosives. For this reason, military K9 units have saved countless lives of our soldiers deployed overseas in war zones.

Military dogs are paired with soldiers who are called handlers. The handlers are responsible for the overall well-being of the dogs and over time, they bond with them.

Because the dogs are the property of the military, the handlers are always told and warned not to get too attached with the dogs because they will be assigned to different soldiers once they finish their tour.

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However, no matter how hard a soldier tries, they do bond with the dogs. The handlers consider themselves comrades-in-arms, and they can never avoid getting too attached to the dog.

Retired Army Sergeant Jason Bos is an example of a soldier who bonded with their dogs.

Jason had a military service dog named Cici. Together, they traveled in several countries, such as Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq to serve as part of the explosives detection unit.

During Jason’s tour of duty, he got injured. This meant that his service to the country is over and he eventually went home. He did try to get Cici to come with him, but because Cici is the property of the military, he couldn’t take her home with him.

After a year, the military decided to retire Cici. Bos heard about the news and pulled as many strings as he can in the Army to adopt Cici.

Eventually, the military agreed, and Cici can now live the rest of her life with Jason Bos and his family.

It’s adorable to see a big military man acting like a child when he saw Cici. The moment the two saw each other again, Jason let out a high-pitched voice calling the dog’s name, and they couldn’t resist playing with each other. Cici started to jump up to Jason and lay down on the floor asking for a belly rub.

The video below will show how both of the ex-soldiers bonded over the years of being together and how they care for each other.

Video Source WOOD TV8 via YouTube


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