You never know who gets to become your hero. This is a lesson the Lambert family from Waynesboro, PA., learned recently. In their time of distress, the family’s canine member rose up to the occasion and saved all of them from potential grief.

The dog in question is a Treeing Walker Coonhound named Edgar. He is a rescue dog from the local humane society center that the family frequented. One day the Lamberts, sans the mother, went to the center to interact and play with the rescue dogs, as they normally did, but Edgar was simply too irresistible not to take home.

At first, the family’s matriarch, Melissa Lambert, was not all keen on adopting a dog. Her household was already hectic as it is, with her three girls between the ages 3 and 8. But when she finally met Edgar, she was not able to resist the dog’s charm.

The Lamberts took Edgar home. Once considered unadoptable, Edgar finally proved everyone wrong. And it’s probably one of the best decisions Melissa and her husband made as a couple.

As it turned out there was a malevolent man in the Lamberts’ area of residence. His name was Thomas Dewald, who preyed on young, unsupervised children. In April 28, Thomas Dewald broke into the Lamberts’ home via a first-floor window.

Thomas Dewald was after one of the Lambert daughters. But Edgar would not let it happen. He scared off the intruder with all his might.

Thomas Dewald knew he would not succeed. So he ran off, probably annoyed at the dog who foiled his criminal attempt. Soon after, he was caught and charged with his crime, explaining he was only trying to troll his neighbors.

Now, Edgar, the once undoptable dog who actually got adopted, has turned into a hero. And not only to the Lamberts but to other canine-loving families as well.

Thanks to Journal-News


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