One beautiful day, a good samaritan found a severely injured dog along the side of the road. She put the dog into her car and brought her to a shelter. A vet treated the dog, and she had surgery for her two broken legs. Later on, that dog was named Faith.

Melissa, a foster mom, volunteered to take care of Faith while recovering from the surgery. She can barely stand, but in spite of this situation, the little bud loves to kiss and cuddle – what a lovely dog! The veterinarian said that she broke two femurs and had very little chance to walk again.

She recuperated fast and tried her best to walk on her own. By day 2, Melissa let Faith roam around the yard to exercise her legs. Faith also started barking, which is a sign that she feels much better. To challenge herself more, she worked her way up the stairs.

In 2 weeks, Faith started to be like any healthy puppy again! The fury ball started becoming mischievous. Her hobby? Gnawing on things!

Melissa’s husband taught her how to sit in 5 seconds. She played with their daughter and the other dogs too. Melissa praises Faith, “It is hard not to love Faith.”

Then Faith’s adoption day came. Kathy is a heartbroken dog parent who lost her dog Mac last year. She thought adopting a new pet will help her heal. So when she saw Faith online, she unexpectedly fell in love with her!

Their first meeting was perfect. Kathy and Faith’s outgoing personalities complemented each other very well. This fur mom now has a new company on her adventures!

When they arrived at Kathy’s place, Faith felt so welcomed and at home. She had her comfy bed and met her new cat siblings Boody and Minx. Kathy and Faith even discovered that she enjoys playing fetch in her new backyard.

The experiences of Faith in her life are daunting, but the support of the people who genuinely love her made her strong. Faith is the embodiment of her name – a resilient dog in the face of hardships!

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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