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It is typical for us dog owners to indulge our pets’ whims and wants. We treat them as if they were our own children and would do anything to ensure their happiness. We give them the world and that is why it is not surprising when spoiled dogs become possessive and jealous when they observe their owners stroking and petting another dog.

Bear was adopted by a couple named Cody and Kaylee when he was a little puppy. Cody and Kaylee met Bear after learning of a couple who lived in a small apartment and had recently welcomed a new baby into their growing family. They needed to get rid of Bear because they believed he would be difficult to manage, especially with the newborn around.

Initially, Kaylee was hesitant to get a dog. She was already juggling three jobs and believed that adopting a dog would be an additional hardship and challenge for her. Nevertheless, Cody persuaded Kaylee to simply take a quick look at the dog. When they did, Cody and Kaylee were instantly in love with Bear.

Since then, Bear has joined their family and he has grown into a 120-pound spoiled dog that adores being around people. As the lone dog in the house, he receives whatever he wants. Nevertheless, things were about to change when Cody and Kaylee adopted a rescue dog named Chuy from the animal shelter.

They initially believed that Bear would display jealous behavior. They could not be more incorrect. Bear and Chuy instantly became great friends upon meeting. Whatever one was doing, the other was doing as well. They are inseparable, like peas in a pod.

Bear’s enthusiasm for meeting Chuy is very endearing to observe. He then greeted him with wide arms, and they both adore their human companions very much.

Source: GeoBeats Animals


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