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Most stray dogs’ injuries are caused by being hit by cars. Because there is no one to take them to the veterinarian or care for them, many injured dogs die all alone. Some that survive become disabled as a result of not getting help for the injuries they received.

In Houston, Texas, animal rescuers discovered a stray dog named Nala with an injury apparently caused by being hit by a car. The injury to one of her hind legs caused her to limp. Fortunately, Nala met a group of individuals who took pity on her and assisted her.

Nala was rescued after entering a church by accident. When the churchgoers noticed her, they took her to an animal shelter immediately. Following the veterinarian’s evaluation, Nala’s wounded limb had to be amputated. She was immediately placed on the euthanasia list since the animal shelter was unable to cover the cost of the surgery.

Fortunately, the Lance McCullers Foundation, an animal rescue organization, learned about Nala and agreed to pay for her veterinary care and surgery.

Nala was no longer in pain after the amputation of her limb. She was soon placed in a foster home for one month following her surgery.

While Nala was recuperating, a Colorado woman named Beth learned about Nala’s story online and tracked her development. Beth had already fallen in love with Nala and submitted an adoption application.

When Nala regained her strength, she was transferred to Colorado, where Beth awaited her arrival.

Despite never having each other before, Beth and Nala greeted one another as if they were old friends. Beth was overwhelmed with emotion as she hugged Nala. Nala was also ecstatic, as seen by her incessant tail wagging when Beth gave her a hug.

Even though Nala is lacking a limb, she loves life to the fullest. She frequently goes trekking with Beth and has proven to be an excellent hiking partner. Despite losing a limb, she is also an expert at zoomies.

Although Nala had a difficult beginning in life, she is now living a really wonderful life with an incredible family. Beth ensures that Nala’s happiness and needs are addressed at all times.

Source: GeoBeats Animals


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