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A concerned person contacted DAR Animal Rescue after discovering a white dog hidden behind a bush. He said that the dog was immobile and likely injured. Ermioni, the founder and chief rescuer of the organization, hurried to save the animal.

Once at the location, the rescuer began searching for the dog immediately. A resident of the area gave her directions. She was also told that the dog first appeared in the area two days ago and that she immediately dove behind the bush, never leaving the location.

Ermioni did not know precisely what the state of the dog was, but she knew she had to act quickly. Upon seeing the dog, she carefully lifted her and placed her in her car. She drove her directly to the animal hospital, where the dog was immediately treated by the veterinarians.

The dog, which Ermioni later named Pippy, was in excruciating discomfort. Because she walked with a limp, the veterinarians suspected she had an injured leg. They performed an X-ray that confirmed their suspicion. The unfortunate dog suffered from a dislocated bone.

Pippy had to spend many days at the animal hospital. She took her time getting better. As soon as her leg was healed, she left to join Ermioni at the rescue center.

Pippy made a lot of new friends at the DAR Animal Rescue shelter. She was initially timid, but quickly found that everyone was kind and compassionate. She gradually joined the pack and soon began to play with the other rescue dogs.

No one knew how long Pippy suffered. But now that she is with Ermioni, she will never again experience agony or be alone.

Pippy will be cared for by DAR Animal Rescue until she is ready for a permanent home. For the time being, she can enjoy morning walks and daylong playtime with her rescue buddies.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue


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