Golden Retrievers are the best dogs for kids. They are not just nice and playful, but they’re also responsible and reliable.

An adorable Golden Retriever named Taco proves that his breed makes a good friend for kids. This is after he showed off his babysitting skills.

Here’s the dog’s cute story.

Nanny for a day

The three-year-old Golden Retriever proves that he’s a family-friendly dog after looking out for Vanora, his one-year-old human sister. In a video uploaded to TikTok, you can see that they are having fun in the playground. Taco is watching over his baby sibling as she climbs the stairs of a slide.

Once Vanora reaches the final step, the attentive Golden Retriever goes to the bottom of the slide. He obviously wants to make sure that the toddler will slide down safely.

For a humorous effect, the video has its own soundtrack. You can hear the Mission Impossible theme song playing in the background.

The caption implies that Taco has always been very protective of Vanora. It also says that the dog believes he’s got everything under control.

Apparently, Taco has been looking after Vanora ever since she came into this world. Their bonding moments are documented on a TikTok account called @mostlyadorable.

The TikTok community has a precious reaction

Taco and Vanora’s adorable video has earned over five million views. As of this writing, it also has more than 540K likes, 5.4K shares, and 935 comments.

One says that Taco acts like a proud parent. Another humorously comments that she can train her dogs to do what Taco does and retire from watching kids. A third commenter says that the Golden Retriever is a keeper. Meanwhile, one declares that Taco deserves an increase in his treats for being the best boy.

The video is definitely a great source of good vibes. One TikTok user says that she could watch it on repeat.


Nurse Taco does it again, this time he is not nervous about the situation. He thinks he’s got everything under control 🐾❤️. #goldensandtoddlers #dogsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #englishcremegoldenretriever #PrimeDayDreamDeals

♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs

Source: @mostlyadorable via TikTok


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