If a dog has been missing for more than a decade, the owner will likely have no hope of ever seeing their pet again. But sometimes, amazing things happen, and a reunion is made possible. In the case of Mimi, a Cattle Dog mix, her return, after going missing for ten years, was made possible – thanks to a microchip, a determined woman, and the help of a rescue group.

Taken away

Mimi belongs to a woman from Georgia. A decade earlier, the dog owner went to Florida on vacation with the dog, her husband, and her son. While the mom was out with her young boy, her husband suddenly took off, taking Mimi with him.

The pet owner was shocked. She and her son were left stranded in Florida. And ever since then, she had never seen her dog or heard anything about her again.

Wandering dog

Mimi was around 15 years old when she was found in Nebraska, wandering on a dirt road all alone. A good samaritan picked the senior pup up and brought the skinny and dirty pooch to the local shelter. A vet immediately treated her. They also found a microchip, but the details were not updated.

One volunteer from the shelter was also a board member of a rescue group, and she grew a special interest in Mimi. She used her investigative skills to find the dog’s owner online. Using the outdated details from the microchip, she discovered the owner’s name and used social media to find her.

After an extensive search, she finally found the right one. When the dog owner realized her pet had been found, she broke down crying. She wasted no time and drove with her new husband to Missouri. Amazingly, Mimi still recognized her mom and human brother and was thrilled to be back with her family again.

Source: Holdrege Animal Rescue via Facebook


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