Kids bring joy to their families, and so do dogs. This family is lucky to have both, so you could just imagine the fun they experience every single day!

This family just welcomed their little hooman baby boy, and the dogs couldn’t be more excited. Their parents felt the same, and they worried that the dogs might not take kindly to their new baby.

Mom was especially concerned about how her dogs would welcome their new brother home, but she didn’t have to worry. Walle, a German Shorthaired Pointer, and Zazu, a Golden Labrador Retriever, were excited and super curious about the little bundle!

They both welcomed their new brother home with much enthusiasm. They were both stoked beyond compare, and for good reason.

The dogs’ immediate reaction to seeing their baby brother for the first time was a mixture of happiness, excitement, and protectiveness. Zazu couldn’t contain his joy and wagged his tail excitedly while Walle just had to put his paw on the baby’s chest to make sure he was real.

Dad and mom had to ward their dogs off of their little one because if they didn’t, Walle and Zazu would have kissed their little brother with abandon.

It’s so heartwarming to see how these two dogs have taken to their new baby brother. They are already protective of him and they will definitely continue to be as he grows up.

This baby is too young to understand what the dogs’ excitement is all about, but we can say that he sensed that it was a warm, comfy, and safe environment to be in. You’re right, and it will stay that way until you’re all grown up!

Do you have dogs who met their human sibling for the first time? What was their reaction? Tell us in the comments below!

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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