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We all follow informative and intriguing individuals on social media and YouTube. These individuals produce high-quality content that we can watch for hours. However, not all of us know more about these individuals than what they create and post online.

Desi Perkins is a well-known social media celebrity with a thriving YouTube account. Desi is well-known for her skill as a makeup artist, and she posts instructional videos on how to apply makeup for various occasions. However, Desi isn’t simply interested in make-up.

Desi and her husband, Steven, are also dog lovers, and they only adopt rescued animals. The couple has three dogs named Cannoli, Harper, and Charlie. Each of the three rescued canines has a beautiful story of how they were saved.

Harper was the first animal rescued by Desi. Harper was sick and malnourished, and a stranger was giving him away on the street. Desi felt pity on young Harper and decided to take him home with her. Steven initially overreacted to what his wife did, but he ultimately warmed up to Harper.

Desi sees Cannoli as the house’s little diva. Before joining Desi’s family, Cannoli was rescued from a backyard where her owners had neglected her. Cannoli is usually full of energy and may be rather mischievous.

Charlie was a stray before he was saved. Before becoming a member of Desi’s household, Charlie lived in a junkyard. Charlie enjoys running around, and he consistently causes problems for Harper and Cannoli.

Their three rescue dogs may cause some chaos in Desi and Steven’s home, but they also bring them a great deal of happiness. Desi and Steven would not wish for anything different. Harper, Cannoli, and Charlie ensure that their human parents feel how thankful they are for giving them a permanent home.

Great job, Desi and Steven!

Source: The Dodo


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