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Koda is a four-year-old Akita that resides in Austin, Texas as one of the McCune family’s pets. The McCunes have many pets and they are all treasured members of their family.

While the family may have a number of pets, it is Koda that stands out because of his unbelievable story. This purebred dog got caught in a week of highs and lows when he disappeared twice.

When the McCune family returned home on a weekend, they discovered that their rear gate and back door were both wide open. They immediately suspected that someone had broken in and stolen their belongings.

They cautiously entered their residence, expecting to see everything in disarray. To their surprise, though, everything was exactly where they had left them, and nothing appeared to be missing.

However, when they called for their Akita, they did not get any reaction. They began to panic and searched their entire property but were unable to locate him. It soon became clearly evident that the dog was the goal of the thief.

They quickly went online and contacted many dog groups and organizations for assistance.

The following day, a woman living 15 miles away discovered the dog lying on her porch. The dog had no wounds, and he was also not dirty at all. It was possible that the dognapper abandoned him in the area or that the dog escaped.

Koda was soon able to return home, and everyone was pleased to have him back.

Around a week after Koda’s abduction, the family returned home to a familiar scenario. This time, the dog’s fur was scattered everywhere in the house. They believe that it is because the dog resisted whoever stole him. Once more, they requested assistance from everyone.

Unlike before, though, it took the dog a longer time to return home.

A man from Del Rio, a tiny town near the Mexican border, spotted the McCunes’ posts on social media and contacted them. He told them about discovering Koda outside of his workplace.

The dog was dehydrated and alone. They believe that whoever took him attempted to bring the dog to Mexico. But because he lacked the required documentation, he simply let the Akita go.

Koda has returned home for the second time in just a week, and his family has increased their security measures. They have installed cameras throughout their entire property. Additionally, they microchipped their dog.

Source: KXAN


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