Royal Animal Refuge, a nonprofit facility in Tyrone, Georgia, said in a Facebook post that the nine-month-old pit bull named Toothless they recently took in had already moved to a foster home. The puppy was previously found and brought to the shelter by animal control.

According to Royal Animal Refuge, Toothless’ previous owner had all of the dog’s teeth pulled. They believe he was actually used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. On top of his horrifying past, he was also diagnosed with canine parvovirus infection, popularly known as parvo. Upon seeing Toothless’ condition when he arrived at the shelter, he was immediately taken to a clinic where he received medical care.

The rescue could not say no to taking Toothless in as he quickly stole everyone’s hearts. And upon hearing about the dog’s story, people responded by sending love, prayers, and even money. The donations helped cover the dog’s medical treatment and other expenses.

Royal Animal Refuge said they were rendered speechless by the outpour of love and support for Toothless. They added that he is doing very well. He has just been released and is now living his best life with a loving foster family.

The rescue expressed gratitude to everyone who offered encouraging words, sent donations, and shared Toothless’ story on social media. Their kindness and generosity helped save the dog’s life. The shelter also expressed its gratitude to the fosters who took in the pup.

Royal Animal Refuge shared that Toothless was not named so because of his lack of teeth. In truth, he was named after the main character in the hit animated film How To Train Your Dragon. They thought the name would suit the pup well because Toothless, the dragon, emerged triumphant amidst adversities—just like him.

Credit: Royal Animal Refuge via Facebook


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