Stroodle is an eight-year-old Saint Bernard that, like others of her breed, weighs 140 pounds. She is gentle, and her size makes her look like a big, walking teddy bear.

However, despite the tender sweetness she spreads around, Stroodle has experienced a terrible misfortune in her life and suffers from a dangerous condition.

Stroodle was once the pet of an old gentleman that unexpectedly passed away. Some neighbors say that her owner was a private person, but they knew he gave her all the comfort and love she needed.

Several days went by, and no one came for Stroodle. The neighbors did all they could to care for her, such as giving her food and water and letting her get some fresh air until someone came to get her.

Eventually, a moving van showed up but only took out the things left in the house, leaving behind Stroodle. One of the neighbors decided to take the canine to a non-profit animal welfare organization called Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or Placer SPCA. When she arrived, everyone in the shelter welcomed Stroodle and immediately adored her.

While at the Placer SPCA, Stroodle was sent to some veterinarians and, despite showing no signs or symptoms, they discovered a large cancerous lump. They determine that Stroodle has only six months to live.

Leilani Fratas, CEO of Placer SPCA, shared Stroodle’s story with the CBS13 Sacramento News, expressing how emotional everyone in the organization was about the doggo’s situation. She also mentioned that their one Thanksgiving wish was that someone would adopt Stroodle and provide her with the necessary hospice.

On Thanksgiving, Stroodle’s story touched the hearts of one family in Rocklin, the Cotten Family. The family opened an honest discussion before adopting Stroodle and taking her under their care.

The Cotten family knew they could take care of Stroodle since it was not their first time handling this kind of responsibility, as they have previously offered hospice care to two cats who also had a few months to live. After a few talks, they took their new furry companion into their home.

Everyone in the family adored Stroodle. She brought warmth and joy to them,  and they are so thankful to meet a dog like her.

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