Taz and Bernie were discovered abandoned on a rural road in Romania by good Samaritans. At that time, the puppy brothers were only a few weeks old and had not yet opened their eyes. They were also too young to fend for themselves.

When the rescue group known as Howl Of A Dog learned about the dog siblings, rescuers immediately sprung into action. They made hastily headed to the reported location. They grabbed the puppies and rushed them to the veterinarian’s office for urgent medical attention.

Taz and Bernie were bottle-fed for several weeks by their incredible foster parent. They thrived and coexisted peacefully with their foster siblings. Once they reached the appropriate age, they both began looking for their forever homes.

Bernie was fortunate to locate his ideal family rather quickly. He moved 1200 miles across Europe to be a part of his new permanent family. Taz, on the other hand, remained under the care of his rescuers.

Howl Of A Dog posted Taz’s tale more than a dozen times on social media. While numerous people expressed interest in him, he has not been as fortunate enough to find a home. He had a number of prospective adopters but he had not yet met the perfect match for him.

While his brother was settling into his new life, Taz was perplexed as to why he remained in the shelter. He was always surrounded by love when he was with his rescue family, but something was still lacking. He had no idea why he had not been adopted.

Two years passed by fast, and Taz remained at the shelter. He believed he would never find a home until he was discovered by an English family. The family called the rescue organization and expressed their desire to provide the dog with a loving home.

Taz’s journey had been lengthy, but his wait was now over. He discovered his own family and is overjoyed to be with them. He was well aware that he had the best family one could want for.

Source: Howl of a Dog


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