Therapy dogs bring a lot of joy and relief to the people whom they serve. A group of seven dogs has spread joy far and wide after they posed for a photo while having thanksgiving “dinner.”

The dogs pose for the cameras

The dogs are from the Therapy K9 branch of South Florida. In the photograph, they sit calmly and face the camera. The dogs look fabulous in fitting thanksgiving outfits.

You might wonder why the dogs did not feast on the thanksgiving turkey, well, it was a plastic one!

The party attendees

The list of the party attendees was as follows: London Whysper, Simba, Ziva, Isabella and Legion

Successful photo-shoot

Trish Gorry, who owns Legion, said that the photo-shoot was a huge success, according to an article on the Palm Beach Post.

The photo gained popularity later on

Although Trish posted the picture in early November on her Facebook page. It only gained traction as the festivities approached.

Fans who viewed the picture acknowledged that all the dogs looked smart in their outfits.

Useful work of therapy dogs

The dogs usually have a lot on their plates. They visit libraries, nursing homes, group homes, among other places where their services are useful.

They participate in programs such as fire safety drills. They are such a pleasant and helpful bunch of dogs.

Additional work

The dogs also visit prisoners to offer comfort and company. Also, they are beneficial to patients recovering from PTSD.

Tips on how to get a perfect picture for your puppy

It is not easy to get an ideal photo of your puppy since they are always on the move.

However, there are a few tricks in the book. One of the simplest ways to get the pup’s attention is with a bowl of food.

Source: Facebook/Trish Gorry


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