It is a known fact that dogs can understand and follow commands. They are smart enough to associate a sound or word with a certain action. However, it’s rare to see a dog respond to its owner in a way that makes it look like they are having a conversation.

One woman named Jen is convinced that her dog, Stella, is capable of back-and-forth communication. Although the dog can’t respond with words, Stella uses body language to reply. The dog would also often grunt or growl as a response if Jen was talking to her.

Whenever Jen hears Stella barking, she knows the dog is trying to tell her something. If Jen asks the dog what it wants, one of two things could happen. Stella either grabs a toy or moves close to the door. The former indicates wanting to play, and the latter means the dog wants to go out.

Jen has recorded several videos of her and Stella interacting. Those video recordings show how responsive and communicative Stella can be. Considering those videos, it’s not hard to understand why Jen is convinced that her dog can understand her.

Aside from communication, Stella has a habit of observing Jen. That often happens on Sunday evenings while Jen is drinking wine. The dog stares at the woman as if judging her, silently implying that she has to stop drinking. Of course, this is only Jen’s playful interpretation of her dog’s habit.

Stella’s personality and behavior are not the only factors that make her interesting. She also has an elegant appearance due to being a German shorthaired pointer. All of those combined make Jen feel extremely lucky to be Stella’s owner.

Overall, it’s hard to prove whether Stella is as smart as Jen claims the dog to be. Regardless, there is no denying that she is a loveable and interesting dog. Their happiness and unbreakable friendship are what matters in the end.

Source: Geobeats Animals via YouTube.


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