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Children enjoy the company of their canine friends. Even though dogs cannot vocally communicate their thoughts, children simply love them because dogs are not shy to show their eagerness to play with them.

That is why it is really not that unexpected to see a Border Collie enjoying a tea party with its fur sibling. Even though the tea party is just something that is not entirely real, the dog plays along to make its fur sister happy.

Lacey, a Border Collie with spotted fur, stood next to an assortment of delectable food in this endearingly amusing video. Its fur sibling gently laid the food on a plate that was close to the dog.

According to how the entire thing looks, Lacey was attending an opulent afternoon tea party held by her fur sister. And, because the fur sister plays the role of a gracious hostess, she gave Lacey a cup of wonderful tea.

The excited Border Collie downed the wonderful tea that her fur sister gave her without wasting a second. And right after consuming her tea, Lacey sniffed the other food that was on the platter while her fur sister grabbed some toast.

Of course, it is not all just tea for the duo. The fur sister also fed the dog some toast. Lacey immediately took a mouthful of the bread before her fur sister offered her a scoop of ice cream.

Lacey eagerly waited as her fur sister continued to give her even more scrumptious food. And, because she was an obedient dog, the Border Collie devoured all of them voraciously.

However, it appeared that the activity has depleted the dog’s energy as it decided to get some rest on the carpet. Despite the change in her companion’s position, the caring fur sister continued to serve delightful snacks to the dog.

Even if all of the food offered to Lacey by her fur sister were replicas of the real stuff, the dog played along to make her fur sister happy.

Source: ViralHog


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