Many people love reading about dog rescue stories, and who could blame them? This dog story, however, is probably the most unique one you will ever read. Because in this story, the dog is the one being rescued, and his heroine? A mother cat who just met him.

This is the heartwarming story of Noland the pitbull puppy and Lolaine the cat. Noland was found by the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) out on the streets. He was abandoned by his mother. We all know that a puppy that can barely walk and still have its eyes closed needs its mother to be able to survive.

This posed a problem for the Cleveland APL as they have no clue where Noland’s mom is, and their shelter currently had no mother dogs. What they do have is a cat who just gave birth two days before they found Noland. Desperate for a solution, the APL staff did a little experiment.

They held up Noland to Lolaine to see how she would react. At first, the mother cat started sniffing Noland. Then she nuzzled him and licked his face to clean him up. At this point, the APL staff understood that their plan was working. So they let Noland stay with Lolaine, and the cat nursed the puppy and put him under her paw.

The Cleveland APL staff mentioned that they aren’t sure if the two fur babies understand that they are different from one another. But Lolaine’s motherly instincts are in overdrive since she just gave birth to a litter of kittens. A lucky break that Noland caught.

Without Lolaine’s help, Noland would have zero chances of survival. The APL staff is feeding the pittie a lot because they understand that Noland has a much higher need for nutrients than Lolaine’s kittens. Watch the video and prepare to get your heart melted once you see how this mother cat genuinely cares for the puppy.

Credits: Annette Lawless


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